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Hanging Garment Warehouse systems for 25 years!

We are specialized in Garment Handling Systems (GOH) for 25 years. A small Finnish company has grown to be recognized around the world for our unique Magic Tube System.

Today we have hundreds of customers in more than 40 countries.

Our first customer is still using the very first system that was installed 1985 and many times expanded which is a very good example of the products durability and customer satisfaction.

Our products are suitable for all companies that are handling hanging garments. Most of the projects have been made for logistic companies, retailers and warehouses for producers.

We can offer a small solutions to help loading or unloading a truck, simple conveyor or racking or complete automated DC system, including also mezzanine and racking for boxes.

Whenever you have a need for reliable and cost effective solution you should call Salpomec.